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# For a description of the syntax of this configuration file,
# see the Configure script.

comment 'General setup'

bool 'Kernel math emulation' CONFIG_MATH_EMULATION y
bool 'Normal harddisk support' CONFIG_BLK_DEV_HD y
bool 'XT harddisk support' CONFIG_BLK_DEV_XD n
bool 'TCP/IP networking' CONFIG_INET y
bool 'Limit memory to low 16MB' CONFIG_MAX_16M n
bool 'System V IPC' CONFIG_SYSVIPC y
bool 'Use -m486 flag for 486-specific optimizations' CONFIG_M486 y

comment 'Program binary formats'

bool 'Elf executables' CONFIG_BINFMT_ELF y
bool 'COFF executables' CONFIG_BINFMT_COFF y

comment 'SCSI support'

bool 'SCSI support?' CONFIG_SCSI n

if [ "$CONFIG_SCSI" = "n" ]; then

comment 'Skipping SCSI configuration options...'


comment 'SCSI support type (disk, tape, CDrom)'

bool 'Scsi disk support' CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SD y
bool 'Scsi tape support' CONFIG_CHR_DEV_ST n
bool 'Scsi CDROM support' CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SR n
bool 'Scsi generic support' CONFIG_CHR_DEV_SG n

comment 'SCSI low-level drivers'

bool 'Adaptec AHA152X support' CONFIG_SCSI_AHA152X n
bool 'Adaptec AHA1542 support' CONFIG_SCSI_AHA1542 y
bool 'Adaptec AHA1740 support' CONFIG_SCSI_AHA1740 n
bool 'Future Domain 16xx SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_FUTURE_DOMAIN n
bool 'Generic NCR5380 SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_GENERIC_NCR5380 n
bool 'PAS16 SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_PAS16 n
bool 'Seagate ST-02 and Future Domain TMC-8xx SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_SEAGATE n
bool 'Trantor T128/T128F/T228 SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_T128 n
bool 'UltraStor SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_ULTRASTOR n
bool '7000FASST SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_7000FASST n

comment 'Network device support'

bool 'Network device support?' CONFIG_ETHERCARDS y
if [ "$CONFIG_ETHERCARDS" = "n" ]; then

comment 'Skipping ethercard configuration options...'

bool 'SLIP (serial line) support' CONFIG_SLIP n
if [ "$CONFIG_SLIP" = "y" ]; then
  bool ' CSLIP compressed headers' SL_COMPRESSED y
#  bool ' SLIP debugging on' SL_DUMP y
#bool 'PPP (point-to-point) support' CONFIG_PPP n
bool 'PLIP (parallel port) support' CONFIG_PLIP n
bool 'NE2000/NE1000 support' CONFIG_NE2000 n
bool 'WD80*3 support' CONFIG_WD80x3 y
bool 'SMC Ultra support' CONFIG_ULTRA n
bool '3c501 support' CONFIG_EL1 n
bool '3c503 support' CONFIG_EL2 n
#bool '3c505 support' CONFIG_ELPLUS n
#bool '3c507 support' CONFIG_EL16 n
bool '3c509/3c579 support' CONFIG_EL3 n
bool 'HP PCLAN support' CONFIG_HPLAN n
bool 'AT1500 and NE2100 (LANCE and PCnet-ISA) support' CONFIG_LANCE n
bool 'AT1700 support' CONFIG_AT1700 n
#bool 'Zenith Z-Note support' CONFIG_ZNET n
#bool 'EtherExpress support' CONFIG_EEXPRESS n
bool 'DEPCA support' CONFIG_DEPCA n
#bool 'NI52EE support' CONFIG_NI52 n
#bool 'NI65EE support' CONFIG_NI65 n
#bool 'Ansel Communications EISA 3200 support' CONFIG_AC3200 n
#bool 'Cabletron E21xx support (not recommended)' CONFIG_E21 n
bool 'D-Link DE600 pocket adaptor support' CONFIG_DE600 n
bool 'AT-LAN-TEC/RealTek pocket adaptor support' CONFIG_ATP n

comment 'CD-ROM drivers'

bool 'Sony CDU31A CDROM driver support' CONFIG_CDU31A n
bool 'Mitsumi CDROM driver support' CONFIG_MCD n
bool 'Matsushita/Panasonic CDROM driver support' CONFIG_SBPCD n

comment 'Filesystems'

bool 'Standard (minix) fs support' CONFIG_MINIX_FS y
bool 'Extended fs support' CONFIG_EXT_FS n
bool 'Second extended fs support' CONFIG_EXT2_FS y
bool 'xiafs filesystem support' CONFIG_XIA_FS n
bool 'msdos fs support' CONFIG_MSDOS_FS y
bool '/proc filesystem support' CONFIG_PROC_FS y
bool 'NFS filesystem support' CONFIG_NFS_FS y
bool 'ISO9660 cdrom filesystem support' CONFIG_ISO9660_FS n
bool 'OS/2 HPFS filesystem support (read only)' CONFIG_HPFS_FS n
bool 'System V and Coherent filesystem support' CONFIG_SYSV_FS n

comment 'character devices'

bool 'Parallel printer support' CONFIG_PRINTER n
bool 'Logitech busmouse support' CONFIG_BUSMOUSE n
bool 'PS/2 mouse (aka "auxiliary device") support' CONFIG_PSMOUSE y
if [ "$CONFIG_PSMOUSE" = "y" ]; then
bool 'C&T 82C710 mouse port support (as on TI Travelmate)' CONFIG_82C710_MOUSE y
bool 'Microsoft busmouse support' CONFIG_MS_BUSMOUSE n
bool 'ATIXL busmouse support' CONFIG_ATIXL_BUSMOUSE n
bool 'Selection (cut and paste for virtual consoles)' CONFIG_SELECTION n
bool 'QIC-02 tape support' CONFIG_TAPE_QIC02 n
bool 'QIC-117 tape support' CONFIG_FTAPE n
if [ "$CONFIG_FTAPE" = "y" ]; then
int ' number of ftape buffers' NR_FTAPE_BUFFERS 3

comment 'Sound'

bool 'Sound card support' CONFIG_SOUND n

comment 'Kernel hacking'

#bool 'Debug kmalloc/kfree' CONFIG_DEBUG_MALLOC n
bool 'Kernel profiling support' CONFIG_PROFILE n
if [ "$CONFIG_SCSI" = "y" ]; then
bool 'Verbose scsi error reporting (kernel size +=12K)' CONFIG_SCSI_CONSTANTS y

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